I'm the girl behind the camera at A.E. Fillmore Photography. For as far back as I can remember, I've always been a documenter. From sneaking my parent's old film camera as a child, to my own polaroid camera in middle school, to several digital cameras in college... I was always the friend that was sure to have a camera handy to capture every special moment.

That love for freezing time and creating memories has only grown stronger as I've grown older. My closest friends and family members have been a huge source of encouragement. I am now a wife (shout out to my husband, Steve, who makes all of my set-ups and special requests come to life) and a mom to Clarke, who is my continued inspiration for freezing special moments in time.

​I think my favorite thing about photography as a business are the messages I receive after delivering a session to the client. Being told that my work brought tears to their eyes, while looking at the photos of themselves and/or their families, fills my heart beyond words. 

I'm your girl if...

  • You're looking for a photographer who can help you to feel comfortable in what some feel is an awkward situation -- I know that having, what seems to be, all eyes on you + your family can be stressful & uncomfortable. I do my best to take away any pressure you may feel to be something you're not, so we can get you feeling natural & capture real moments
  • You have an appreciation for capturing special milestones & moments in you + your families life - Again, this is who I am to the core. I want to provide you with images to display on every form of technology you own, plaster your walls with, and share with every person in your life. 
  • You can laugh at some bad jokes/silly approaches that will bring out smiles in your little ones - This one is self-explanatory. I am not above a funny sneeze or a silly dance to grab the attention of a little one
  • You're ready to hear me say how amazing you look in the photos - I  will probably even have to stop the session once or twice to show you an image on my camera because I'm just too excited not to share it on the spot
  • You're looking to add a new friend/family member to your crew - I have been so lucky to be invited back, year after year, into many of my client's lives... so forming a friendship has just become natural in many of these situations & I couldn't be more thankful!